Version anglaise de casimir

durée 11’15’’
(en français = marelle)
hopscotch - marelle n. f. Jeu d’enfants qui consiste à pousser un palet dans des cases numérotées tracées sur le sol, en sautant à cloche-pied. D Figure tracée pour ce jeu.
"Hopscotch" est une histoire entre un renard et plusieurs personnages autour de l'idée de la construction de trois machines plus infernales les unes que les autres.

(in english= hopscotch)
marelle -hopscotch s. Game for children that consists in pushing a quoit in numbered hut layouts on the ground, by hoping on one foot. D Figure traced for this game.
"Hopscotch"is a history between a fox and several specimens around the idea of the three constructions more infernals one and another.


CASIMIR was a cranky handyman, fingers encrusted with paint. His house next to the quarry awakened the stones which fell, astonished, from the mountain !the sitting-room was full of them.....

With friend FOX, they built ravishing little wheels on the course of the capricious stream.
The circle was KING there sharing the space with the half-moon : the QUEEN, a capital F, upright on the black, numerous trapezia as tightrope artists and a huge saw-teeth checkerboard.
From the water, CASIMIR and the FOX fed themselves with huge shrimps which they then mixed with light brown sugar and paint of all colours. Is it in helming his sailing-boat that CASIMIR had had the idea of flouring the ondulating circles ? in any case, since, he plays with belts and pullies to the fur of his great friend ! From then, our two compagnions undertook to tinker and play with the pawns,some white and some black.

The blacks having one pawn less, CASIMIR decided to build them a machine, the first fled on seeing it :
articulated arm


On the platform of the second machine, it moves, it dances, it sings, the whites couldn't bat an eyelid , it turns, it jumps about. Pretence of catastrophy, Casimir wanted to create the end of the WORLD. The capital F couldn't move without being captured, the CASTLE takes care and has only one limited ray of light....
The KING is in danger !
and taking the triangle pawn isn't the best way to play due to the pinning down of the KNIGHT by the QUEEN.....
"This machine is certainly unbreakable but it moves like a cathedral" exclaimed CASIMIR to himself. So the FOX decided that the construction was too dangerous, too often of bad humour and it was thus abandonned in a TRINKET BOX.

All done, the third machine didn't threaten anyone, innocent, articulated around two boards,
the GOOD and the EVIL !
because our two comrades don't have just any world to buy back :
That one of madness, of fury whirlwinds, a groan ! glissando between MA MI A DO RAY and the KEY on the GROUND made iself heard..........

CASIMIR was prisonner !!!

The white pieces were all back at the house and there at home, had decided on a RE-BELLION... But with the help of the KNIGHT, the FOX managed to defend his camp "to the right,infront,to the left...behind..."and not the least check to bite on. The white position which was pretending for the moment was in reality completely lost. But the KNIGHT arrived at the last Square asked compensation his Transformation threatened the capital F and MATE in G8.
The FOX didn't Fail to free CASIMIR who couldn't avoid falling into the plexiglass of the articulated arm of LOIRE and GARONNE which still remain today the two teats of France....
And the FOX, THE KNIGHT and CASIMIR were happy all the same to have a stroke of blue luck.